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Sometimes things just won't clear or change.  You can go from person to person, lesson to lesson and nothing fully resolves.  Or, it kind of changes, but the root still hangs on.  In my experience, when this happens, it's often on the soul level, or on levels beyond your everyday human experience.  If there are issues, blocks and lessons still on this level, you might find that nothing you do will make a difference until they are resolved, because the soul, or higher parts of ourselves can override anything.  It's that powerful. But therefore, so are we. We just need to heal the wound and find our alignment. 

I work directly with the soul and higher self to help examine and find the blocks, issues, energetics, cords, traumas etc on the vast cosmic levels and guide you to remove them.  Sometimes it's a lesson that is needed.  Often it's from another time and place.  Not everyone needs to go to these places, but if you just can't seem to get to the issue, this may very well be where it is.  These sessions generally take 60-90 minutes.

1 hour  /   $120

Dowsing and Energy Work Session - Self Alignment

Relationship Reading
Birth chart Reading



Somatic Release Therapy (S.R.T)

1 hour  /   $120

Somatic Release Therapy involves feeling the sensations in your body to access old traumas and imprints so they can fully resolve.  Peter Levine found that animals in the wild rarely experience trauma that sustains.  One of the primary reasons for this is because they don't have a neocortex so they are much more present and connected to their bodies. When a threatening event occurs they will shake off the trauma, thus discharging the energy in the nervous system and bringing themselves back into balance.

Humans are far more complicated.  We tend to take our events into our minds and disconnect from our bodies thus leaving many years of experiences piled up until we end up recreating the same ones over and over again.  By bringing ourselves into our bodies through feeling sensations we can align our three brains and clear the whole event from our memory and nervous system.  These sessions usually take 60 to 90 minutes. 

yearly Transit Reading

Point Holding Trauma Release

1 hour  /   $120

Point holding trauma release therapy can facilitate very profound transformations by aligning upgrades with the reptilian brain, limbic system and neocortex to fully integrate the spirit and the mind with the body.  These are similar in their approach to the Somatic Release sessions but are done in person and involve holding particular points in the body to help it to regulate and discharge traumatic events and energy. 

We store all experiences in both the mind and the body. Often our traumas will form calcifications that crystallize in places in the physical system. Point holding helps to remove these transmitter/receivers and create/link new perceptions within the body.  A trauma release session generally takes from 60-90 minutes.

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