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"I feel really good today.  Like one of the best mornings I've had in awhile.  Thank you so much again!  I can't believe how amazing this work is."


"I've been working with Adam for years and he never ceases to help any condition I come in with, even the ones I never thought would have been helped through Somatic Experiencing and Energy Work. It's pretty miraculous the changes I have undergone.  Adam is definitely a God send."


"I wasn't sure what to expect from an energy session, but I'm so grateful I decided to experience it. Adam helped me center myself before beginning the work and I felt secure in whatever was going to happen next. Adam was very intuitive in detecting what areas needed to be cleared. The connection and work was just as palpable over zoom as in person. I had been feeling blocked in owning my power to take action in my life toward personal goals. Adam targeted this and since the clearing, I feel more comfortable stepping into my power and realize doubts I have, are self-imposed habits that I can discard now. 


After we worked on clearing former ties to two past serious relationships. Adam explained that sometimes bonds can leave us with soul shards from the other person. I asked for guidance in which relationships required clearing and he intuitively knew which ones to focus on. He facilitated clearing of the soul shards from each relationship and cutting cords that connected me to previous relationships that no longer served me. I felt a lot of swirling energy in my head and knew things were definitely shifting. I also felt a sense of fatigue afterwards, but in a positive way that indicated a lot of work had been done. Adam is a highly knowledgeable, wise, straightforward and intuitive healer who makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend seeing Adam if you feel blocked in areas of life or are tired of repeating the same patterns. 


"Awesome!  Really good!  Thanks so much!  I look forward to setting up another session soon!"

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